Dear Lindsey B,

I met Lindsey B a couple of years ago at the popular coffee chain I worked at when she was hired as a new barista. She was about 19 and just the cutest little thing. She was about 5’2″ or 3″, petite, light brown hair in a perfect shoulder length bob, blue eyes, cute glasses and a bright smile. She was soft spoken, with a quiet voice. She was called Lindsey B because we already had a Lindsey working there. Lindsey B never had a bad word to say about anyone and really didn’t say many words at all. When we all got frustrated at work because of pressure to get orders out faster or rude customers, she just remained quiet. When she was happy or laughing she radiated and had an infectious giggle.

One time I saw her get angry or maybe hurt, I can’t really recall but she said in this tiny little voice, “shit.” and it was hilarious to me. Then she blushed and laughed too. After awhile she would talk more and say things that would cause our other coworker to say that Lindsey B had her sassypants on that day, and she would blush and giggle. One day she was walking to the back room and almost collided with one of our shift managers who told her to get out of the way to which she replied in her tiny annoyed voice, “I was already in route!” which may have been the longest sentence I heard from her.

Eventually Lindsey B left the coffee shop to focus on school work as she was studying to become a labor and delivery nurse but we would still see her occasionally and she would brighten our days with her smile. Eventually I left also to stay with my youngest son.

But many of you know that even when you leave a job you still hold a fondness for your favorite co-workers and everyone held a fondness for Lindsey B who was like the team’s younger sister.

Wednesday I was told Lindsey B died in a car accident two days before. I was and am shocked. She lost control of her vehicle, hit a ditch, then a tree, then her car overturned and was “engulfed in fire”.

Lindsey B was probably the sweetest person I have ever known and my mind cannot wrap around this horrible ending.

I have seen a few deaths of young people over the last 5 years and they have all been difficult, even devastating in ways as one was a sister in law just shy of her one year wedding anniversary, and one was a high school friend we loved.

But Lindsey B’ s death is hitting me in a way I would not have anticipated. I haven’t gone into detail about how I feel to my friends and family because she was after all, a former co-worker and not really a close friend. I just am struggling to accept it.

A lot of it is coming from a religious aspect. I am a Christian but I do not belong to a church, my spiritual relationship is a quiet one but is there. Lindsey B loved God and loved her friends and family and was loved intensely in return. I cannot see a reason why God would allow her to die a painful death. I understand the idea that death comes because of human sin and failings. I can even understand that God could use a death to bring others to him. But why in that case would be not make it a quick and painless death? Even if God and heaven were on the other side she still had to go through that to get there? I’m struggling hard here. My heart still believes God exists but I can’t understand him here. I don’t see him in this.

I also don’t know how to end this blog so I guess I will just say that we will miss Lindsey B. It is sad that we will never see her smile in person again. Please keep her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.


French Toast Sticks and also I suck.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I posted. That is why I suck. I was managing at least once a week or so. I’m going to go ahead and point the finger at the bipolar. A few weeks ago my husband got his deviated septum fixed. We really expected him to be up in and about after a day or so. Well HA HA HA for us. That procedure knocked him out of commission for about a week. So I wasn’t blogging because I was basically the only fully functional adult in the household. I was in charge of both kids, and husband and house. The husband more or less took care of himself but either way, we were all sleeping like crap and my mood took a nosedive. I didn’t care about blogging. I didn’t care about reading. I didn’t care about anything but getting through this crap til he started feeling better.

And now he more or less he is, and I’ve rested a little bit and so here I am.


Okay so French Toast Sticks. 

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Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens coming to Amazon Prime

You know what one of the best things in life are? When some of your favorite books/characters/actors/authors/games/fandoms come together.

Today I found out that Amazon Prime is going to have a six part series of Neil Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. Even better, my 2nd Husband, David Tennant, will be in it playing the demon Crowley.

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Day One Keto Diet

Again.  My husband and I did the keto diet back in March until May when everything went to crap money wise and we had to eat cheap. If you’re not familiar with the diet, you can get a lot of information from Diet Doctor. The general idea is that you eat low carb, high fat, and moderate protein.

At first I thought this was basically Atkins but Atkins focuses on more protein than Keto does. When I started Keto, I had no cravings at all. You get to eat full fat butter and cheeses. I found that when I had real butter melted on steak and cooked with eggs topped with real cheese, I felt more satisfied. After a little while into it, I didn’t even eat that much overall because I wasn’t bored hungry anymore. I lost 13lbs in those two months which actually seems really slow compared to others but I was also breastfeeding so I was on a more moderate plan (tried to aim for 35-40 grams of carbs a day as opposed to 20). Continue reading “Day One Keto Diet”

Five Favorite Fantasy Novels

From the last 10 years or so at least. Not including Harry Potter, which of course is probably number 1.

When we first moved to our house we had no internet. Not because we hadn’t set it up or because it wasn’t in the budget (I’m sure it wasn’t.) because we are so rural it wasn’t even available until 2014. Reading has always been one of my favorite past times and in the days before I had internet again, I spent many hours reading on the couch by the big living room window. Even better was when it was raining while I was reading by the big living room window.  Then my 2nd was born and I was unable to find any time to sit down with a book. But you know what I did a lot of? Laying in bed next to a sleeping and/or breastfeeding baby. And that’s when I discovered the Kindle App.

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Tried and Tested Pinterest Crafts

Like most people on Pinterest I have dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of pins saved including quite a few crafts. Some of them I will probably never do, some I have plans to do when I have more that .48 left after paying bills and groceries and a small handful that I have actually done. I’ve compiled a list of some of the ones I’ve tried and enjoyed.


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